Friday, February 11, 2011

Our Lady of Lourdes

On thy feast day, ora pro nobis!

A friend also recommended a really good Marian website here.


JD said...

I went to Mass yesterday. What is the point of liturgical feast days if the priest doesn't even acknowledge them?

The priest wore blue, but even the prayers of the liturgy did not even explicitly mention "Lourdes". He gave his sermon on how the sacrament of the anointing is not just for the dying, but for the sick. Its the world day for the sick or something...

Not even a Hail Mary following Mass's conclusion.

Now, I understand that Lourdes itself is new when compared to the traditional cycle of liturgy, and maybe its time has come here in North America. Still, this is not just the priest's problem. Doesn't it mean that the majority of Catholics don't really care to talk about- or know how to- apostolic spirituality? Instead, people want to hear about feeling better when they are sick, tossing the poor some quarters and knitting them hats, feeling loved by God, and maybe a few brief anecdotes from whatever the priest happens to know about ancient Jewish archaeology.

Maybe C.S Lewis' nightmare variant of "mere Christianity", but not Mary, not the Trinity, not much about the Eucharist ect.

Anyways, those were my post Mass thoughts.

Nonetheless, Ave Maria!

George said...

well, the assignment of the world day of the sick to the feast of our lady of lourdes does make sense given her connection to cures and her patronage of the sick. it was never a "big" marian feast

A Sinner said...

I thought this was both interesting, funny, and disturbing on that Age of Mary site (which is clearly quite rad-trad even if its resources are excellent):

"Communism may be properly called a Jewish heresy, for by its formal denial of an after life and the supernatural order, its crass materialism and blind faith in temporal Messianism, it is essentially a highly developed form of Saducceeism."

I mean, that's an interesting analysis, and Marx and many early communists were Jews. And yet, why do I feel like, coming from rad-trads, there is something not a little anti-semitic about this???