Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Providential Find?

I've made a rather surprising find of an article.

It is surprising because of how I found it.

I was browsing through that petition of people opposing the new translation of the Novus Ordo text. I support the new translation, perhaps it goes without saying, though in my mind the Novus Ordo is a sitting duck either way. But anything is better than the ICEL we currently have, even if it is hopefully only a stepping stone to actually traditional worship.

I was going through it vaguely with the idea of finding people in my area to see if I knew any of them, because Fr Z recently had a post linking to a guy's blog where he did that for Cincinnati. I suppose so that people can write emails holding them accountable, especially if they are priests. And I like the idea of traditional and orthodox laity being more vocal towards our clergy.

Anyway, they first priest I came across on the list, I searched in Google. And, the first article that came up was a very interesting one written by him.

It is interesting as these are some of the very things I have been discussing with other "renegade trads" and which we have been advocating for some time now.

The only ironic thing is that the "base communities" I imagine would be gathering to celebrate the Traditional Mass and Breviary, not the Novus Ordo. In fact, I have the privilege of being part of one such "small group" within the context of a larger Catholic community, and it is wonderful.

Of course, the advocacy of such ideas by an opponent of the new translation (and presumably the Traditional Liturgy in general) is one reason why mainstream trads and even neocons are likely suspicious of such ideas, but I say a good idea is a good idea regardless of whatever else that person believes. Discounting someone entirely because they are in "another camp" is not something Renegade Trads do. We consider the merit of each idea individually.


Mark of the Vineyard said...

The relevant article is no longer available. Have a copy?

A Sinner said...

Okay, I changed the link.

The article is now archived so hopefully the link will be stable from now on.

Mark of the Vineyard said...

It seems sensible, even if the guy was against the new translation. I wonder how your regular Latin would react?