Friday, September 24, 2010

What's In It For Them??

So, Fr Z has rigged yet another poll; this time on the question of dropping mandatory celibacy.
Two Belgian bishops have openly questioned mandatory celibacy for Roman Catholic priests, rekindling a debate Monday within the scandal-hit church. The bishop of Hasselt, Patrick Hoogmartens, and his counterpart in Bruges, Jozef De Kesel, said in separate comments that married men shouldn't automatically be excluded from priesthood.
There are actually surprisingly few votes total, but the "conservative" Catholic blogosphere has got the vote out in favor of mandatory celibacy, unfortunately. Vote against it if you think it will help, but unless some major liberal sources publicize this with the same zeal as Fr Z and his ilk, I doubt we'll be able to counter the conservative vote.

It's not like anyone is paying attention to this sort of unscientific poll except them anyway. But still, given that these people voting are overwhelmingly lay and probably many of them married have got to wonder why they care so much about stopping a group of men from getting married. Why should they care about whether other people are having sex? The whole thing creeps me out more and more.

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