Thursday, December 23, 2010

Catholic Rabbis?

I just had a thought. I'm not sure if it's an important one, but I'll mention it. A while back, I did a long post on the new "Lay Clergy" that seem to have emerged (yet without being actually ordained), and about problems with this dynamic.

However, I just realized, that Judaism had/has this same distinction, doesn't it? Jewish Rabbis are not Jewish Priests. Priests were a caste set apart for Temple worship, from one tribe, whereas the rabbinical class was not so limited and by Christ's time had become the real authorities within Judaism, based on their learning rather than birth. Christ Himself was the ultimate Rabbi who wasn't a Priest (at least, not of the Aaronic priesthood).

What this means for a division between the Catholic priesthood and the Catholic "lay clergy"...I don't know. But it's interesting.

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Who Am I said...

I love you for saying this, tears up* . Then again, wouldn't Catholic Rabbis be something along the lines of a Spiritual director ? Lastly, would it be limited to men or women, given that the individuals have no Liturgical duties ?

Hag Molad Sameach !!!

Felx Nativitas !!!

Ooo Christmas falls on Saturday this year and is treated as a Sabbath (aka The Rules of Sunday apply), I could actually get away with saying it...

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