Monday, July 11, 2011

World Government

A recent post on Vox Nova reminded me of an old post of mine. I don't really have anything to add other than that both might be worth checking out. People opposed to "one world government," as if that is necessarily Antichrist, are forgetting that the medieval ideal (such as espoused by Dante) was universal empire, and that if there were no borders, war and economic inequality could not be enforced by subsets of humanity fighting to protect their comparative advantage over other populations. Subsidiarity is one thing, but expecting to preserve national self-interest at the expense of the common good of evil.


LM said...

This was one reason why Catholicism was once so feared in the US. Protestants feared that the Vatican was trying to create a one world government. There are probably still quite a few people who still believe this.

Miles said...

Dante was a gnostic, not a catholic. Respublica Christina or Christendom was not certainly NWO and always respected the temporal sovereignty of christian medieval kingdoms. Finally, you don’t prove - far away from it - that a world government is better for the common good of the entire mankind than the existence of nation states.