Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rorate Caeli Confesses Its Fascism...

Did anyone else see this on Rorate Caeli today? Ridiculous:
When a group of priests whine publicly that their superior is being "authoritarian", we must admit that our immediate reaction is to defend the superior; and when the "climate of fear" decried by these priests is a "climate" of "internal police" related to, shall we say, "homosexual matters" - well, then we are absolutely certain that the superior is correct and that whatever he is doing is certainly in the right direction.
So when someone is accused of being authoritarian, their gut sympathy is to side with the accused authoritarian? And when there is a climate of homophobia and "policing" they're absolutely certain what he's doing is correct?

I mean, I'm all for rooting out those who would make a mockery of the priesthood and Christian morals, but an atmosphere of authoritarian repression based around insinuations about sexuality is just McCarthyism, it sounds like.

I don't know if the situation in Rome is actually like that; the priests complaining may indeed be liberals whining that their party is over. But for Rorate Caeli to gleefully knee-jerk sympathize on the terms outlined everything that's wrong with non-renegade reactionary traditionalism and conservatism in the Church today.


Brian Delaney said...

And note the comments : "sodomite" this and "sodomite" that

Mark of the Vineyard said...

You bother to read Rorate's comboxes? There's hardly ever anything useful there. "trad pr0n" is what it is

Brian Delaney said...

But of course ;)