Wednesday, February 22, 2012


This is sort of a follow-up to another post.

It is interesting to reflect on fame in the Internet Age, the concept of the "internet celebrity," who can be a niche interest or unknown to the mainstream media.

Just last night, for example, I discovered the cult of Spieling Peter (not his real name; some people say he is the actor Andrew Ducote...others say that is blasphemy, that it is best left a mystery, that he is only Peter Pan!)

From his article in Neverpedia, the Peter Pan Wiki (yes, that exists, and, yes, he apparently warrants his own article):

Around the holidays of 2009/2010, a "cast member" playing Peter Pan at Disneyland became something of an internet celebrity, due to his mischievous smile and his delightful on-the-job antics. The tights probably help too. He interacts playfully – in character – with guests and with other cast members (especially Wendy Darling, Captain Hook, Alice, and other Wonderland characters) at the park. He is actually just one of several young men who portray Peter at Disneyland and the other Disney resorts. He apparently worked there as far back as 2007, originally working as Terrence, one of the Tinkerbell fairies.

Videos and photos of him have been posted to video and photo sharing sites, and he became the obsession du jour of many adolescent girls, some guys, and probably quite a few others. He is also known as "Ginger Dude" (for his probably-dyed hair color) and "Spieling Peter" (apparently a nickname given by a Disney employee to differentiate him from the other "Peter"s). He has been perhaps most obsessively stalked at:
The first tumblr has over 61 pages of photos and videos people have submitted from their trips during the period he worked there! And it is still being updated with new content, as recently as yesterday!!

You can find plenty of videos on Youtube as well:

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