Thursday, May 17, 2012

Article in First Things by a Friend

A friend of mine (and not just online!) has gotten an article published at First Things. The title is a bit misleading and he didn't choose it, however. Check it out. Some relevant selections:

In the past year, commentators including Elizabeth Scalia, Melinda Selmys, and Mark Shea have written articles to present the gay community as something other than simply an enemy. Each made clear their adherence to orthodox sexual ethics, but each nonetheless received a venomous response from many of their Christian readers.*

In my own Roman Catholic Church, the teaching is clear that homosexual acts are immoral, but the presence of homosexual inclinations is not. Most (though not all) Christians of other traditions would agree. But if we make the distinction in theory, its practical application is far too rare. The all-encompassing rhetorical tool of the “lifestyle” is used to reduce the entire identity of gay people to sexual activity, and thus our response to all concerns of gay people becomes an automatic “no.”

The guiding principle is not the distinction between sexual activity and orientation, but their conflation into lifestyle or identity, and so those who are targeted for being or seeming to be gay are given only the most abstract support for their profoundly concrete humiliation.


Last year, Biola professor Matt Jenson addressed students in chapel (like Savage’s address, also available on YouTube). After calling Christians to accountability for failing to make a real space for single people, he turns to the question of homosexuality. “The church is right to tell gay people the good news and call them to a life of discipleship, if and only if it is willing to live as their family.”
*The response Mark Shea has gotten is an especially ridiculous saga; you can check it out for yourself, in reverse chronological order, here, here, here, here, here, and the original here.


dominic1955 said...

A very thoughtfully written article, as was Mark Shea's. I think this is the way in which real discussion can be had on these issues.

Some Random Guy said...

What about it did you find ridiculous (or what about it do you disagree with)?

I'm not trying to start an argument; just genuinely curious as to your views here...

A Sinner said...

Well...have you read the comments he's gotten? He himself pretty much spells out what's so ridiculous about the response he's gotten in his follow-up posts.