Friday, June 15, 2012

Most Beautiful Tiara

I'd never seen this papal tiara before, probably because it is not in the Vatican collections and apparently has "never belonged to any pope." I wonder what the story is there. 

Either way, were I pope (I say tongue-in-cheek)...I would be sure to immediately try to acquire this one, get an orb-and-cross installed on top to match, maybe have the lappets modified a bit at the bottom (longer fringe at least)...and then use it very frequently!!

There are a few tiaras in the papal collection I am quite partial to, and others to which I am very indifferent. But I am absolutely loving this one, the shape and colors especially. There is something very medieval-feeling about the aesthetics of the whole thing. Very nice:


Sharon said...

I don't like the bullet shape of the papal tiaras, I much prefer the Orthodox tiaras - see below

dominic1955 said...

That is a rather striking tiara. I wonder who would have had it made but never given it to a Pope? Sounds like something rather expensive (and a little odd) to have sitting on your mantle. Did anyone notice the upside down crosses on the lappets? I'm surprised some radical idiot 7th Day Adventist hasn't plastered this all over the internet as further "proof" of the satanical origin of Popery...