Tuesday, July 24, 2012

His Love

God's not angry anymore, I decided. 

We can't anthropomorphize God ultimately, but on the other hand any analogy always has some validity, I suppose. And I'm certainly not some sort of Marcionite rejecting the description of God in the Old Testament. 

But a reader posted on some of my recent posts some quotes by Julian of Norwich that I really liked:

“For I saw no wrath except on man's side, and He forgives that in us, for wrath is nothing else but a perversity and an opposition to peace and to love…we, because of sin and miserableness, have in us a wrath and a continuing opposition to peace and to love.”

“I saw truthfully that our Lord was never angry, nor ever shall be, for he is God: He is good, He is life, He is truth, He is love, He is peace; and His power, His wisdom, His love, and His unity do not allow Him to be angry (For I saw truly that it is against the character of His power to be angry, and against the character of His wisdom, and against the character of His goodness). God is the goodness that cannot be angry, for He is nothing but goodness.”

And this too: “…when I saw all this, it was necessary to agree that the mercy of God and the forgiveness is in order to abate and consume our wrath, not His.”

Peace to you all, my friends.


Nominally Catholic said...

Lies. God hates us all. He even condemned his only son (i.e. himself) to death.

Some Random Guy said...

Well, I certainly hope God is angry (anthropomorphically speaking, of course). To me it convey nothing more then the fact that God somehow recognizes the injustice in the world and that Divine Justice ultimately demands satisfaction. Or in other words, he still cares.

Nominally Catholic said...

Well, "Some Random Guy," you seem to have absorbed this blog author's prior views exceptionally well. Why, minus the spelling mistake and unavailable blogger profile I swear you sound just like the pre-"His Love" "A Sinner" himself.

I respect your views but I ultimately think that the insistence on God's anger and wrath is ultimately the result of a hyper-apocalyptic and paranoid vision of reality.

Most if not all of the commenters on A Sinner's other two posts have denounced it with varying degrees of compassion and even "A Sinner" has ultimately changed his view. Is it only a coincidence that he sounded paranoid? I think we are supposed to reserve the right to ask that question, no matter how "flawless" the logic.

Some Random Guy said...


Exactly what have I said in particular that struck such a chord with you? Is it the fact that I said that I hope God is angry -- anger here taken in a metaphorical sense symbolizing God's recognition of injustice and demand for restitution? (And you do believe God recognizes injustice and demands that wrongs are made right, no?) Or is it the fact that you seem to have such deep seated daddy issues that any mere mention of God's anger and wrath immediately provokes such a string of sarcastic and acerbic replies from you?

Nominally Catholic said...

Nope, I just like trolling on ppl who think they know everything and laughing at their self-righteous hypocrisy in addition to being "heavy" and "overbearing" in conversation and not giving a damn.