Friday, June 7, 2013

Who Is This Man??

My dad took this picture in downtown Chicago today. Some sort of prelate wearing the capello of a Cardinal, according to New Liturgical Movement. But it's the "new" capello of a Cardinal, according to the reforms of Paul VI. And yet, wearing any capello with tassels in the US seems rather "traddie," nonetheless!

Yet this isn't our Cardinal. And I don't recognize him, though I combed through galleries of all the Cardinals. Maybe it is some sort of Old/Polish National/Sedevacantist/Independent Catholic, an anachronistic impersonator, or some grade of monsignor I don't know about (or who just got his tassels wrong). 

Does anyone know who/what this could be?


other jordan said...

Y'know, "His Eminence" could be anything. Lots of the "independent Catholic" churches are comprised solely of "bishops". In fact, these faux-episcopoi receive multiple layings-on of hands to insure that they participate in multiple lines of apostolic succession. Rome has always taught that validity is not sufficient for ordination; the consent of the Church is also required. So, the play-bishops are out of luck if they're searching for a line to Rome.

Man, you should see the drag on some of these episcopal wannabes! Their convocations make the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade look like coffee hour at the local Presbyterian church.

Michael said...

If I'm not mistaken, I think that it's Prime Bishop Anthony Mikovsky of the Polish National Catholic Church.