Thursday, August 15, 2013

New Blog...Maybe?

As you may have noticed, this blog is now defunct. I've "slowed down" before, but this time it is really over. I'm leaving it up for reference and all that, but this line of thought has run its course. 

For all the obfuscating intrapersonal identity-craft that may have been served (in unhealthy and negative ways) over the past four years, even all the petty interpersonal agendas in my life, I'd say this effort at least helped me, eventually, to "creatively disintegrate" into other approaches to thought and life. More private approaches, for one, less self-conscious, less theoretical, more adult.

While I hope to avoid ideological, philosophical, or political discourse, I do think I sometimes need an outlet for poetry, as well as sharing music and film and literary excerpts, and also perhaps cryptic reflections of my own of a highly personal and psychological nature. I do not think readers of this blog will be terribly interested in all this, but I am letting it be known nonetheless that my new blog may be found here.

It may never be updated at all, but at least it provides some opening for a continuity in life. Cheers.

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