Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Borgias

Did anyone notice that that new series "The Borgias" on Showtime has a commercial where a Renaissance cardinal or something is using the Novus Ordo Confiteor???


Stuff like that always makes me upset. Not at Hollywood for not getting their historical research straight (really, how are they supposed to know?) I mean, in some sense the fact that they're using English could be claimed as a "historical inaccuracy," but no one sane is going to say that!

But rather because it is another reminder of the institutional Church pulling the wool over everyone's eyes and pretending like what we have today is traditional in any sense of the word. Allowing people to believe that this is how it's always been.

I mean, if they act as if there is a continuity that there simply
isn't, of course non-Catholic television writers are going to have no idea that they should be using a different text for a different period. And yet, the two things reinforce each other, as now ignorant Catholics are going to see this and imagine that a liturgy probably younger than them really did exist way back then!

Just when I think I'm coming to terms with all this, the Novus Ordo Confiteor (and it was the ICEL translation at that) shows up on TV in the 1400's!

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