Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nazareth and Loreto: Twin Shrines

The Holy House of Loreto (coloured yellow) imaginarily "retranslated" in front of the Grotto of Nazareth, with which it confirms remarkably well, fitting in at the same time with all the adjacent spaces and building erected in later eras:
This is taken from an article about the Holy House that I found a few years ago and was inspired to look up again by a conversation I had today. Its explanation of the Holy House traditions at both Nazareth and Loreto (and their connection) is fascinating.

I encourage everyone to give it a skim if you want to bone up on your history of Catholic tradition and piety (and to be able to defend it as at least potentially credible; albeit it doesn't have to be "factual" in order to be devotionally valuable...)

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Who Am I said...

Judaeo Christian Synogogical structure, SIGH !*

Why couldn't I have been around back then to witness this site. SIGH !*