Thursday, April 7, 2011

Trad Insanity

A fellow blogger sent me this little anecdote:
just because I happened to find an interesting quote by Yves Congar, I suddenly get a comment saying that it is "ironic and dangerous for a supposedly traditional blog to be citing such an author, even if the quote is salutary." Did I miss something?
So the quote itself apparently wasn't bad (in fact, was "salutary") but just because the source is "tainted" in radical traditionalist eyes, we shouldn't even use the quote??? That's as ridiculous as needing to vet the religious opinions of the actors in a funny clip.


Anonymous said...

"The Latin rite is the most sublime and reverent one than any other liturgical use in all its aesthetical catechesis, in so much as making one familiar to Heaven itself, without having left this life. Nothing short of a glimpse from the beatific vision" - me.

But I read Urs von Balthasar, the New Theology guy, so don't ever quote me.

Who Am I said...


I assume you're speaking tongue in cheek, right ?

If not,I'll contest that quote of yours. Shall we go old school Jerusalem Liturgy of St.James ?

Mark of the Vineyard said...

That first "quote" looks like something taken out of the Ottaviani Report. In fact, one of the first opening lines says that the Roman Rite is superior to all the rest.

Who Am I said...

Oy vey ! How is The Church meant to bridge the gap between The Eastern and Byzantine Orthodox Churches if we're going to rub things like that in their faces ? It is as if the other Rituals are of no consequence, because of Schism and as such they've sinned in a most grave manner. Mind you, those were individual heads of Churches, NOT The Ritual itself. Le sigh*