Sunday, April 17, 2011

Catholics Terrify Me Sometimes (Often...)

So, the Catholic League is up in arms over this "offensive" display by Macy's in New York regarding the new series The Borgias (which happens to be on in the background as I write this...)

Is it just me, or is this totally nuts?? Heck, I'd think connoisseurs of clerical high fashion would be jizzing their pants over fancy copes and miters appearing in a mainstream department store window. I certainly don't see anything offensive about it.

Oh, but "the series was written by an atheist who hates the Catholic Church," and we all know that we should judge artistic works by the ideologies of their creators rather than on their own merits...

Once again with these "conservatives" (always an essentially political stance to take), the politics of identity seems to have replaced true religion.


Thom, sfo said...

OK, I might not always agree with you, but you have earned a Forever Fan for using "jizzing in their pants" on a Catholic blog.

My new hero, for realz.

Fr Paul said...

We need a "like button" here, methinks!

A Sinner said...

Hey, I got away with posting the full monty, I can get away with anything:

Hassidic Catholic said...

Kinda reminds me of how a certain number of people wanted to see "Last Temptation of Christ" all the more because of the protests of the Catholic League, et al.

If it is lousy, no one will care!

And you're right about the "politics of identity". Spot on!

Blayne Riley said...

I think we can all agree it is tacky and a mite distasteful. The show is tacky and more than a mite distasteful, but that is Showtime... Mr. Donahue doesn't have any credibility after some of the trash he put in that Times article.