Friday, October 14, 2011

Is The News Good?

So, I'm still without internet in my new apartment thanks to the postal system, but just to do a quick post I bring to your attention these two stories many of you probably already saw.

The first involves Bishop Finn being charged for not reporting what he knew in the Kansas City case. Lots of conservative Catholics are going to be crying "persecution." I think that, whatever ultimately happens, they sort of had this coming. Whether you think it is entirely just in this specific case or not, beginning to prosecute bishops for their role in the sex abuse can only be a good development.

The second involves Assisi III. It sounds like there is little to worry about, like the Vatican has done everything it can to neuter any sort of indifferentist, Liberal, interreligious spirit at this gathering. Oh, some people will never be pleased (it'll be interesting to see how the SSPX reacts to the events) but it sounds like there won't even be any prayer or specifically religious interaction, just some meetings, speeches, and a dedication to peace. Fine.

In terms of the first story, during the height of this recent scandal last year, I had some very strong (even disgusted) critical words for this Pope in terms of acting decisively and being willing to think outside the culture of clericalism. But still, in light of the second story, I'm nevertheless so glad we've got him. I think he's managed to turn the train around, pretty much.

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