Sunday, November 20, 2011

Believe It Not!

Sometimes you come across something in a translation that isn't quite right, whether it is just an unfortunate choice of words by someone who obviously has no sense of English idiom or double entendre, or simply a mistake; the whole phenomenon of the humor found in "Engrish" is about this.

Now, in this case I think it was partially a typo too (as the most salient word is actually supposed to be in the plural, I believe), but I read a quote of the Gospel from today's (Old Rite) Mass, and came across this:

"If therefore they shall say to you: [...] 'Behold he is in the closet,' believe it not!" (Matt 24:26)
And I had to think: isn't that what the institutional church has been telling us about our priests and leaders for centuries now? I guess it goes back to the beginning!

"He's not in the closet; don't believe it!!"

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