Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I thought this story was funny following on the heels of my recent post.

When will the Vatican and their counterparts learn that giving a negative reaction is probably the worst thing you can do in a situation like this. In reality, you should either just ignore it (sending a message something like "we're above engaging that") or you react with good humor, laughing at yourself or whatever.

Heck, if I were Pope, I'd see if I couldn't stage a photo-op with that Imam recreating the advertisement! (Kiss of Peace anyone??) If the Imam himself was too stuffy, then we could get an impersonator (and score one against two enemies!) If they're laughing at you, subvert it by laughing with them, even take it up a notch. At least that way you neutralize, through sheer self-deprecating confidence, the "threat" or "challenge" they pose to you (and possibly get some serious "cool" cred). Why don't the old men in Rome (or the slightly younger men in Washington; Obama was also "targeted" in this campaign) realize this yet?

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