Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Kind of Thinking We Need!

Ok, a bit cynical, but I generally found myself very much in agreement with this article from The Economist about the Pope as CEO. We shoot ourselves in the foot (or, really, the head) if we scoff at administrative techniques in spite of the fact (and, it often seems, exactly because of the fact) that they are effective.

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Michael said...

What impresses me most about all of this is that 1) the media has really changed its perspective on the Church, saying that this election could be a "turning point" for a Church mired by scandal and 2) they really want to HELP the Vatican become more effective in its internal administration and ministry! So contrary to the general anti-media bias, we could really benefit from all this attention and use it to usher in a new springtime in Catholic faith and principles. People feel a need to help renew the Church and a good leader would utilize that energy, his core purposes being purely contemplative, of course.