Saturday, May 25, 2013


Words are never quite enough
to mediate.
We are spiders
and we weave a web
(it has always been a web)
for each and every
omnia et singula
and it's so much fancy silk
(so little really)
until flesh and blood
are caught
and in hours and days
between months or years
no longer a lie, or
truth suspended
the tension of every thread
(each and every: writhing,
sticky fumbling)
is tugged so
We awake,
We feast,
lips and tongue forsaking mediation
Consuming our own loneliness[,
We'll suck him dry.]


Michael said...

"Consuming our own loneliness"

It's always about consumption, isn't it. Americans are always eating, whether it be the products produced or the services produced, which are consumes as they are produced. Way to gorge yourselves on nothing.

Michael said...

"We are spiders
and we weave a web"

Multiple spiders never collectively weave a single web. Each spider produces its own web, moreover, multiple times, as each web is destroyed over time.

Michael said...
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Michael said...

Addendum to previous comment: bigger and larger human beings. Apropos, I killed a spider in my bathroom yesterday.