Sunday, May 19, 2013

Happy Pentecost!


Jordan said...

Sorry for the asinine remarks re: your poetry. That's uncool. I don't understand poetry, so it's better for me to just keep my trap shut.

Bonnie Raitt rocks! I know that for sure. Thanks for that clip. Linda Ronstadt's covers of Bonnie have that pathetic immediacy, but Bonnie's a musician with talent and flair.

Anonymous said...

"John Paul II fought many times against Satan," Father Amorth said. "Those battles continue, even though he is dead. In fact he is present today in many exorcisms. If you cite his name during an exorcism, the person who is possessed literally froths at the mouth in fury." (source)

I could not help but visualize the same reaction in many Traditionalists. Does anyone know if the man freed from four demons by Pope Francis on Pentecost was a tradster?