Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I may be needing some slogans soon, the kind that could fit on a poster board. Any suggestions? Stuff like, I don't know:

"Eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven? Well, they sure don't have any balls!"

"Is the Church Catholic Anymore!?"


"Politician Bishops + Bad Liturgy = Lost Souls"

"Where's our Catholic heritage??"

"Defend the children...not your own reputations!"


"The Church of Almighty Bureaucracy?!?"

"Hopelessly Corrupt!"


"Crisis of Leadership!"

"Drive the Money Changers Out of the Temple!!!"

"We need a Savanarola!"

I'm sure some readers can be more clever...


Timothy said...

"Does this giant log in my eye socket clash with my tie?"

Anonymous said...

How about,

"Sin: it's not just for Laymen anymore."

A Sinner said...

Point taken, Timothy, though I try not to wear ties when I can avoid it (they are so manifestly of the bourgeois, lol)

Still, with that attitude, no one would ever act to call out bad leaders.

Jesus's point was about judging individuals, and we don't claim to judge these bishops' souls.

But we CAN judge their actions and, especially, the structures and policies they support. And someone needs to stand up and call for their reformation.

And who says it can only be a Saint? "Well, but I'm not Catherine of Siena" is an excuse for inaction on the part of many.

Many very bad medieval kings were nevertheless very good reformers of the Church in their domains.

Michael said...

What about, "Would you please just think of the children!!"

Lol, that's a safe joke.