Friday, August 13, 2010

Another Resignation

More on the question of resignations and accountability:

A lawmaker in New Hampshire has apologized and resigned from the state's House of Representatives, a day after posting a comment on the Internet that speculated about the death of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

In a public letter to the House speaker Thursday, Democratic Rep. Timothy Horrigan expressed regret for bringing "this House into disrepute," Politico reported.

On Wednesday, Horrigan posted a comment on Facebook
speculating that a dead Palin would achieve martyrdom.

"I don't wish Sarah Palin dead . . . but not merely for compassionate reasons," Horrigan wrote on Facebook. "I also want her to live because a living Sarah Palin is less dangerous than a dead one."
So this guy makes one stupid comment about Sarah Palin that isn't even really that controversial (he quite clearly said that he didn't want her dead, if only so that she wouldn't be a martyr)...and he resigns as a legislator a day later.

Meanwhile, Sodano and Bertone and Hoyos and Danneels still have Church-funded incomes, Cantalamessa is still papal preacher and, of course, Cardinal Brady is still in power...

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