Monday, July 26, 2010

He Resigns!

The saga I have been using to illustrate what accountability in the real world looks coming to an end. Tony Hayward is stepping down at BP over this whole oil-spill fiasco.

Of course, I guess we can't really draw comparisons. This has surely been so much worse than the cover-up of decades of child molestation, right? On the other hand, old Tony himself didn't really cause the oil-spill, so why should he be held accountable? Oh, right, because that's how leadership of an organization works outside of cloud-cuckoo-land. Or, maybe it's all just anti-Tony bigotry! You know that biased media. Oh well.

In other news, Cardinal Brady is still in power.


Anonymous said...

Well, resignation is not too hard when it includes a twenty million dollar severence package.

A Sinner said...

There are many bishops I would pay much more than that to get rid of.