Saturday, July 31, 2010

Film Festival

From a questionable secularist source, but sounds like a potentially supportable cause:
The National Secular Society is staging a film season in the days before the Pope arrives in Britain. The films will look at aspects of the Catholic Church which both the Government and the Church itself would prefer were not mentioned during the visit of the “Holy Father.”
The selections will apparently include films on the Magdalene Laundries in Ireland, the cover-up of child-rape in the same country, the abuse at the Indian Residential Schools in Canada, and a priest who was silenced by Church authorities for trying end institutional collusion with the mafia in Mexico. (To give some idea of the international scope of this institution's corruption!)

Regarding this last film, it is claimed, "The Church declared that seeing this film is a mortal sin." And several sources I've checked do seem to confirm that the hierarchy in Mexico even tried to have the government ban this film (and this was just in 2002)!!

These corrupt old men are just vile...


Who Am I said...

I wonder how hard it would be to get a copy of this film 'Unrepentant'. The film sounds promising. Perhaps they will have it on Pay Per View (Some of the Sundance films are offered on PPV whilst they are being shown at the festival for those who can't make it.). If anyone has any leads PLEASE let me know.

Apparently it is about The United Church (a Protestant sect), but nonetheless it is something worth exploring. However the way he mentions it, he makes it seem it as if The Catholic church is involved. Maybe I got it wrong.

Here is more information on the film:

A Sinner said...

Unrepentant is about those schools in general, I think. They were run by different groups, some 60% by the Catholic Church.

Who Am I said...

Ah ok.

Seems I should follow the updates on this film.

Mind you, I do not support his remarks calling for a boycott and arrest of The Pope. However, I FULLY support his call for a dialogue. A dialogue between The Church and those who have been effected by the actions of The church (the actions of men), who supposedly did so in the name of The Church/Gospel.

In doing so, I believe much can be accomplished to heal historic and contemporary wounds which have never been fully assessed.