Friday, July 30, 2010

Crazy Trads

So, I've threatened (and once before actually done) to hold up crazy comments as examples of What We Don't Stand For. That applies to comments on this blog, however, there were some comments on the Miles Jesu situation today on Rorate Caeli that show just what is wrong with the traditionalist movement, why this blog is necessary, and probably why stuff like that situation happened in the first place

For example:
Hard to know how to respond to this, unless and until Miles Jesu announces what sins Father Durán is supposed to have committed. I presume that if he were just another sodomite, the announcement would have said so?
Now, this is a very odd place for his mind to jump! I mean, perhaps somewhat understandable given the situation the Church is in, but the actual statement gives no indication of the founder committing sins of that nature. It is very clear what "sins" he is supposed to have committed: namely, what sounds like an excessive authoritarianism, expectations of blind loyalty, creepy cult-like tactics, etc.

This isn't necessarily like the Maciel situation where the authoritarianism was used to cover embezzlement, sexual abuse of seminarians, mistresses, etc. In this case, it seems to be being recognized that the authoritarianism in itself is a problem, even if it was never used to advance other immorality.

But, of course, many fascist trads idealize such dynamics, so they assume that these couldn't possibly be problems in themselves unless they're also used for seedy sexual purposes...[[rolls eyes]]...

The next is even more telling, however, about how some trads apparently think authority is supposed to work in the Church:
Ha? I confess that I don't know much about this Institute, but it almost seems to me like a rebellion, a "democratic" take-over has occurred.
So, when members report the oppressive atmosphere in an institute through the proper channels and participate in revising the constitutions, it's a "rebellion," a "take-over" of some evil "democratic" nature??!

These people are insane.

I may update this post if I find more ridiculous comments related to this situation. I would also invite any readers who find crazy trad statements (concise ones, hopefully, not the long rants) on various internet forums or comment boxes, which encapsulate the sort of attitudes I critique send them to me so I can point them out. Not just about the Miles Jesu situation, but in general.


Anonymous said...

The only reason that Fr. Maciel was caught and the Legion had to come clean was because he had children. This was concrete proof that could not be ignored. Had he only abused males seminarians, the Legion might be still covering this up.

The whole problem is that Miles Jesu will never admit the EXACT nature of the problems with Fr. Duran. It would have to take someone going to the news, and thus exposing themselves to shame, and opening themselves up to counter-lawsuits from Miles Jesu, not to mention embarrassing themselves publically in a bad economy (future employers would then be able to google the person's name).

Anonymous said...

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