Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Now They Are Being Absurd

Okay, now the mainstream media is indeed getting a little absurd, though I think it's more ignorance and spin than "anti-Catholic" bigotry.

There's all this outrage over the Pope making child abuse and women's ordination "equivalent" and nonsense like that.

It's frustrating for those of us who know the truth; all that the Vatican did was say that both crimes were under the competence of the CDF and carried certain penalties.

I mean, is it an outrage that, in some states, under certain circumstances, tax evasion and second degree murder can have a similar sentence in terms of prison type? Is it an outrage that rape is generally "merely" a State law but that something petty like nutrition labeling rules are Federal?

No, this is just a legal question of jurisdiction and defining the competence of a given tribunal in a variety of matters which don't have to be connected in any way.

Maybe it would have been more PR-savvy of the Vatican to release one document just on pedophilia and then, separately, a few months later, quietly release a document dealing with the rest of these procedural issues.

But that's all they are: procedural issues. Anyone who sees some sort of moral equivalency being drawn is just looking for trouble at this point. Though simulation of sacraments may be very morally grave, it's a different species of sin, and so any comparisons are apples to oranges. And this was just about legal procedures for dealing with these things.

And we really could have called the secularist media out this time for it, if whiny Catholics hadn't wasted all our credibility crying wolf (or "anti-Catholic") when the media was actually justly critiquing things that deserved to be critiqued.

The whole world is nuts.


Tony said...

Its still a PR nightmare. Idiots.

Jonathan said...

Tis true, they should have released the documents separately.