Sunday, February 21, 2010


So, this is rather strange.

A publicist from Penguin contacted me through the blog and offered me a free copy of some book called Angelology, some sort of mystery thriller involving a nun, I think. I haven't done to much research because I want to read it fresh, without any outside opinions or preconceptions.

The idea is that they hope I'll review it once I read it and, I guess, they hope it will get publicity that way. For some reason they think that my audience would like it. Or, perhaps, they hope my audience will find it disagreeable and controversial and so will complain and word-of-mouth will spread virally that way (like with The Da Vinci Code, which became only more popular from the controversy).

I accepted the offer and the book should arrive soon. But I will try not to be a whore. Hey, free stuff is free stuff, right? I feel rather accomplished, this blog is finally paying off, lol...

[Update: Well, she never sent the book, so I don't know what happened. Oh well, it probably wasn't that great... ]

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