Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The F-Scale

I'm generally against a litmus tests, as I've said, but I assume one characteristic that might distinguish renegade trads from the regular variety would be a lower average score on this:

That's rather short. A more reliable test is on the 2nd or 3rd page here:


Ben said...

Traditionalists you don't like = fascists!

When you rule, you should have them shipped off. Then they should be re-educated to bring them up to the level of psychosexual integration, tolerance, and pragmatic realism that Renegade Trads have achieved.

A Sinner said...

lol, people who score high on a right-wing-authoritarianism personality-factor test...are, generally, right wing authoritarians. It's right there in cold hard numbers.

But I don't believe in "re-educating" people, as you know. That's a mistake both liberals and conservatives make; this idea that anything good can come out of attempts at forcibly or manipulatively changing attitudes or personalities.

You can only try to persuade or set a good example, but ultimately people have to learn those sorts of things for themselves.

FrGregACCA said...

I'm not necessarily a fan of "re-education" either; however, there are times when those in need of re-education must be limited in terms of they damage they are causing.

Does that make me a "left-wing authoritarian"?

BTW, I discovered this blog by way of Arturo's. Since you, blogger, have chosen to remain anonymous, I have to wonder whether or not you ARE Arturo.

A Sinner said...

Hmm, how interesting. We are trads, after all, so we always love a good conspiracy around here (

But seriously, I'm not Arturo. He and I disagree on many things still. For example, he apparently is in favor of the Swiss law illegalizing minarets. I'll write about that soon perhaps...