Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Make It Easy For People

I discussed in an earlier post a frustration at the lack of active protest or advocacy on the part of trad when it comes to, say, ending communion in the hand or other such issues. When it does happen, it has taken the form of "schismatic acts" that, while actually probably effective in terms of asserting leverage, also alienate many of us and make it impossible for us to participate in a common effort, divided by disagreement over such methods.

However, I was going through a backed up pile of mail today, and I had all sorts of letters from vaguely "conservative" political causes and groups, which I mainly tolerate for the sake of the Pro-Life effort, whatever other nonsense the Right-wing is associated with.

But, many such groups do seem to have lobbying down to a science. They don't ask you to come out and picket. They don't ask you do anything radical. They simply include a return envelope and a pre-written card that you simply have to sign and put in the envelope and send off with the rest of your outgoing mail. It's easy. It's painless. Someone else has done all the work. They maybe ask for a donation to help cover the costs of the mailing campaign, but it's not required. Hard paper mail seems to still impress people more than e-mails.

But I'm thinking, if we want to end communion on the hand, for example, which people talk and talk about but never seem to do anything about...why not try such a mailing campaign to the bishops or at least to get people energized and so lay the groundwork for a movement. Political movements seem to rely on 99% passive "arm-chair" support, and really only a small percent of activists who do the big visible work by invoking the legitimacy of all their "lazy" supporters.

Does a "trad mailing list" exist? Has anyone bothered to compile such a list? I get all sorts of "Catholic junk mail". How did I get on these lists, and is there any way a Catholic group could acquire such information? People need to be spoon-fed. Ideas for a letter-writing campaign usually fall flat unless you send the people an addressed envelope (pre-paid is best!) and a little card they can sign.

Just thinking ahead...

Update: a poster on that WDTPRS post has created a petition. I've signed it, I encourage you to do the same.

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George said...

you can buy mailing lists targeted to Catholics, but it would cost you: