Saturday, June 11, 2011

Chuck E. Cheese's

Someone left this comment (which I've seen left on other blogs too) on my post about Bishop Finn and I thought it was hilarious and deserved reposting on the main blog. Thanks, PatO!

Bishop Finn should go to JAIL for reckless child endangerment.

Imagine if this happened at a Chucky Cheese Restaurant. An employee had child porn pictures that he took of children inside Chucky Cheese. Management knew about it, but hid the pictures and allowed the employee further access to small children.

Customers would boycott Chucky Cheese and have every manager thrown in jail, all the way up to the CEO.

We can't expect the Catholic church to rise to the standards of Chucky Cheese, but they should at least have to follow the basic laws of humanity and the laws of the land.
And I think that pretty much sums up the depressing way I feel about much of the institutional church nowadays, both relative to the sex abuse crisis, but in most other areas as well: it would be ludicrous to expect them to rise to the impossibly high standards of an ancient and powerful organization like Chuck E. Cheese's, but couldn't they at least reach some bare minimum of decency and competence?

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