Thursday, June 23, 2011


I was going to have a post this week over how I don't really like these "Idea Feasts" (like Trinity Sunday and Corpus Christi) that started encroaching on the Temporal Cycle in the late Middle Ages.

I mean, Trinity Sunday seems practically like a "Feast of St. God," what next: A "Feast of the Notion of the Unbegottenness of the Father"??? A "Feast of the Human Will of Christ"??? A "Feast of the Infallibility of the Pope"???

But...I never got around to it, and it seems rather Scrooge-like now. I didn't really have much more to say other than "Boo on Idea Feasts!" And I wouldn't even really get rid of Trinity Sunday and Corpus Christi (given how many centuries tradition they have behind them now), nor even Sacred Heart (given how it was recommended in a vision).

I might re-title the former two to make them concentrate on the Triumph of the Orthodox Dogma of those concepts (ie, a historical event, like the East's "Orthodoxy Sunday") but I wouldn't get rid of them at this point. Christ the King, Maternity of Mary, Holy Family, etc...are another question entirely; I think they're late enough in history to chuck without seriously compromising the stasis of tradition.

But, anyway, Happy Corpus Christi to all, and belated for Trinity Sunday.

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