Saturday, June 11, 2011


I got my first visit from Greenland today. I've long been waiting for that big chunk of white land to turn green on Google Analytics. I finally started getting a few hits from Red China a couple months ago, and now at last Greenland! I'm still waiting for those visits from Mongolia and Kazakhstan:

I had always assumed that an eventual visit from Greenland would come through my post on Christianity in Greenland. Nope, according to Stat Counter, apparently not:

Wouldn't be the first time people had found my blog through bizarre and disturbing channels. Still. Sad.

I probably won't be doing a separate post for it this time (seems rather vain, in retrospect) but it looks like very soon we'll be having our 30,000th visit, 10,000th unique visitor, 600th blog-post, and (fingers crossed) our 100th country, though getting three new countries may take longer than the other two milestones...

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