Friday, June 17, 2011

Preliminary Show of Hands: Chicago Meet-Up

This is still quite a ways off, but I've been talking with several friends and allies about a Renegade Trads meet-up in Chicago this summer, similar to what a few of us did a few weeks ago in Toronto. Because my college friends and I are from the area, we already have a sizable group probable.

It would probably be the last or second-to-last Sunday in July, but that's still up in the air depending on a few people's travel schedules whom I've talked to from out of town. Whether you think you could come to that or not, I'd love to hear from readers in the Chicagoland area. And anyone in the wider Midwest (or the whole world!) who might be willing or able to come over to Chicago for the weekend, feel free to reach out to me too:

I'll probably put up a reminder about this every couple weeks until it happens and as details solidify. Right now we're thinking it would probably be rather informal. High Mass at St. John Cantius (reluctantly, but it really is the more accessible venue) on Sunday with lunch after as the centerpiece, general carousing down the Magnificent Mile that afternoon, perhaps a commute down to (my preferred trad church) the Shrine of Christ the King for Vespers that evening (quite a trip by public transit, but just walking as a group and talking can be fun), and then dinner and drinking back downtown afterward.

People could come for any or all of these activities. It's just always important for any growing Movement to network (join the facebook page!) and I've been meeting a lot of great people this way. If anyone has any other ideas or proposals or wanted to suggest some sort of more formal or official-feeling "conference" type activity that could be done after Mass or lunch (though I doubt we'd be presenting papers or anything like that, lol...) feel free to chime in. It might also be neat to make some sort of official souvenir or s.w.a.g. for the meet-up, like buttons or something affordable like that. Otherwise, I think people just meeting and getting to know each other and building friendships is a great thing.

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