Friday, June 11, 2010

At Least I Will Die Free...

More music. My distaste for musical instruments also inclines me to recommend this version. But I must admit I find the video earthy and evocative, raw and nostalgic. Sometimes I think I'm too civilized.


Tony said...

I don't quite understand your distaste for musical instruments.

Some people are just born weird, I guess... ;)

A Sinner said...

Instruments sound like screeching, buzzing, clanking, honking, clanging feedback distracting from the beauty of the human voice.

No. In reality, I don't feel THAT strongly against instruments, and think a capella that tries to imitate them is usually pretty queer.

Used in moderation, instruments can support the voice or add cool effects (especially harmonicas, banjos, guitars, and pianos), but I do prefer pure-vocal if the voices in question can pull it off.