Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Our Lady of Licheń

A Polish-American seminarian friend of mine has started a blog where he is posting about the apparitions of Our Lady at Licheń, Poland, because he was surprised that they are largely unknown in the English speaking world. He is doing translations from Polish because he cannot find English translations many of the messages and source documents even though this is apparently quite famous in Poland. I don't know how "renegade" it's going to be, but (being of half Polish ancestry myself) it seems a worthy cause even just in the name of making available information and sources in English about a Catholic topic which were not available previously.

[Update: his blog seems to have closed, but I still encourage everyone to look into Our Lady of Lichen as a worthy devotion.]

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Anonymous said...

Did you seminarian friend ever post these documents? Maybe the blog site is no longer active. If he still has the information available, please contact me at info@miraclehunter.com. Thank you.