Sunday, June 13, 2010

Divinum Officium

Many of you probably already know about this, but I just want to recommend the Divinum Officium website, which seems to offer numerous options for the text of the Breviary.

I would point out specifically the Kalendar page as an example, which generates a liturgical calendar that allows you to select any of the following options:

pre-Tridentine Monastic
Tridentine 1570
Tridentine by 1910
According to the reforms of Divino Afflatu (1911)
According to the reductions of 1955
Acording to the reformed rubrics of 1960
According to the 1960 rubrics but with a "new calendar" (which seems like the Novus Ordo sanctoral cycle)

The calendar is not quite an Ordo, still this must have been a monumental project. And they also allow you to get the whole text of the office according to any of those above rubrical combinations.

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