Friday, June 4, 2010

Pope Bubbles

Did this occur to anyone else when they saw this picture?:


FrGregACCA said...

Something else occurs to me, something that involves inhaling from the butt end of a small, hand-rolled cigarette held in a likewise-sized pair of grips and containing a pungent substance that is most definitely not tobacco.

A Sinner said...

lol, and a beer in the other hand...

Michael Lechowicz said...

what ever happened to respect for the Pope? Your caricature can be misinterpreted as Bededict's ignorance of the Real Presence of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament, which is, simply scandal and not true.

As to the further comments, it is vile and incontinent humor, especially when taken with the above point

A Sinner said...

The Pope is an old mortal man who looks like Emperor Palpatine. In this image...he is in a rather peculiar posture and also looks a little bit stoned.

I cropped the Sacrament from the image deliberately so as not to disrespect it.

But pretending that the image didn't occur to me from the photograph would just be a lie.

This is harmless humor that is, if anything, at the expense of the photographer and not the Pope himself. Obviously it captures a split-second moment by fate.

But this sort of humorlessness and cowering fear about subjecting these men in their silk underwear to the humor we subject political leaders to (though in the past people were equally "reverent" about the king) exactly the sort of thing we're trying to fight around here.

Michael said...

I thought that too, but wanted to provoke you to clarify.

If you actually click on the image, it appears with the Blessed Sacrament, so naturally I was a bit scandalized. I respect your honesty.

It's largely a matter of personal taste, though, not subservient fear -- although Fr. Greg's comments were a bit much, even about a halfway decent person who was not the Pope.