Monday, June 28, 2010

I Wish I Had the Time... cover this story more. I'm on a hotel computer on vacation here, but apparently the Pope has brought Schönborn and Sodano together to "clarify" some things and, it is implied, scolded Schönborn for being so outspoken and for publicly rebuking Sodano.

Because, allegedly, only a Pope is supposed to publicly judge a cardinal, not another cardinal. And all sorts of conservative Catholics online are giddy over this totally misdirected "show of authority."

So much for
Schönborn being happy to be part of a Church with freedom of speech and opinion! I suppose this means all us lay people who have been critiquing bishops and cardinals in their incompetence are being scolded too. And I suppose no one ever may criticize the Pope. Screw that!

This is insane. The Pope is being called out for not doing enough to discipline child molesters and those who covered for them, and for letting all these bishops and other yes-men close ranks to defend him (in sometimes ridiculous ways) but, oh,
when it comes to petty institutional protocol being respected, then he really puts his foot down! Yeah, real stellar leadership there...

This is just...ugh. I'm going to bed.

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