Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another Video to Puzzle

A reader left a comment saying he was left puzzled by this video post.

Here's another:

Trust me, though, there is a deep meaning to all of this (unlike the documents of Vatican II...) You just have to put the pieces together.


Jonathan said...


IF TK didn't have Patamon there, he would have gotten his butt kicked. Why Ken's digimental never allowed Wormmon to digivolve into Puttimon like in the cards I will never know. Veemon started becoming an evolution whore in the show.

But I get the meaning behind it. In creating facades of grandeur stemming from our helplessness, we actually end up hurting ourselves. It is best to just be honest with ourselves (at least in the case of Ken) and those around us. If we aren't we are bound to lose all control and release forces outside our control (Chimeramon an amalgamation of all Ken's deMONs lol.).

The other lesson is learning to be decisive in the best reaction for a given situation (fight vs talk). Ken was a nice guy (Digimental of Kindness) who allowed the world to make him helpless. This is not at all what kindness is about. TK on the other hand was the bearer of the Digimental of Hope (Fate in the original), which gave him the necessary confidence to trust in his decisions (Recall TK was always careful, yet decisive when the time called for it.).

Ok, I have just proven I watched too many cartoons, oh who am I kidding I LOVED Digimon. All in all I'm probably Ken.

A Sinner said...

The show had a nice redemption story, that's for sure.