Monday, May 3, 2010

Project Christcom

A friend recommended this out of the blue just for comedy, but it is eerily applicable to a lot of things going on now.

It certainly applies to what I was saying about the clergy needing to perhaps adapt to a more innovative model ala modern American corporations ("O Lord, show us a way to streamline some kind of management structure that will enable 4-5% growth...") rather than the inefficient bureaucracy that exists now; the bishops just stay the course and don't rock the boat because they have absolutely no motivation to take any initiative, to take any risks, or to be anything other than mediocre (seeing as they're not for-profit, aren't elected, and are only removed in extreme cases).

And the whole thing about the "merger with Rome-Corp" in a "package that could cut out Lambeth altogether" is prophetic given
what is happening now:

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