Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Scary Statistics

I recently read the following when learning about development, and then found the same statistics in several other sources. They are terrifying and show the need for real feminism (in the developing world mainly) if this is true:

Women are 1/2 the world's population;
Women do 2/3 of all working hours;
Women produce 1/2 of all the food on Earth.
Yet women earn only 1/1o of all income,
And legally own only 1% of all property in the world.

Women are the key to development in the Global South.


ZuluFan said...

It's scary: 1% too many.

A Sinner said...

He's joking people. If he wasn't I'd hold it up "as an example of What We Don't Stand For"...

ZuluFan said...

No! I'll not take it. First they want the right over their own bodies; now they want rights over other things!

A Sinner said...

If you keep this up, Austin, I'll reveal YOUR blog to everyone!