Sunday, May 16, 2010


"We want to show our solidarity to the pope and transmit the message that single individuals make mistakes but institutions, faith, and religion cannot be questioned," Alemanno told Associated Press Television News. "We will not allow this."
Really?!? "Institutions" cannot be questioned??? What the fascist fuck?!?!?!?

Fortunately, at least he's right about faith. Otherwise, I'd be leaving this institution immediately. Just when you hope maybe these corrupt perverted old men will finally be forced to implement systematic reform, you see something like this.

Too many of this institution's most fervent followers seem to have confused it, a human organization subject like any other to structural defects (in its accidentals)...with religion in itself.

And as long as these yes-men exist in their big cheering crowds, the hierarchy is going to see no need to change anything (not even in the direction these very same yes-men would like, ironically), these same cheering crowds being cited as their evidence of the status quo "working just fine."

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Jonathan said...

"Otherwise, I'd be leaving this institution immediately."

I want to hear more about this particular point, more about the you in all this. I'm not saying you are doubting what you believe in, but what keeps you there when it seems like everyone else is fleeing. I'm not really looking for a historical approach to it, but rather what is it that keeps you firmly grounded as a Catholic and lets say not as an Orthodox.

What keeps you Roman Rite Catholic and not some other ritual ? Do you think if you were some other ritual these things going on in The Church would have such an effect on the believer ? or is this more a Roman ritual thing.

Thinking about that last point makes me think that its actually a blessing that the other ritual Churches are so obscure in the mind of the average person.