Thursday, May 13, 2010

1967 Ferial Lectionary Chart

Okay, I've been busy with school for a few months, but I finally got around to typing up the chart with the Lessons from the 1967 ferial lectionary that I got a while ago. This could be a valuable too for expanding the Scripture in the Old Rite without touching the traditional cycle of readings. The chart is uploaded here.


sortacatholic said...

Thanks for the transcription. I think that the church would have done better to keep the 1965 Missal ad orientem and this revised vernacular lectionary, but that was not to be.

If I ever become a priest (which is impossible), I would try to say at least two requiem Masses a week on ferial days. I know that the daily requiem isn't fruitful instruction for the laity. Still, the Holy Souls need it. Many EF priests I know prefer to say votives on ferials. I wouldn't mind if they repeat the daily requiem over and over on ferials.

A Sinner said...

"the church would have done better to keep the 1965 Missal ad orientem"

Better, yes. But it still isn't ideal. I've always said go with something like the Anglican Missal.

The language barrier is THE issue. People don't really mind the prayers at the foot of the altar or last gospel (reduced in 1965). They just want to be able to comprehend the speech.

"this revised vernacular lectionary"

Well, it's not really revised. It's supplemental. The traditional temporal cycle lectionary stays fully in place, this just provided readings for the ferias which would otherwise repeat Sunday's readings.

Priests, optionally, could use these ferial readings even on 3rd class feasts. This helps reduce the endless repetition of readings from the Commons, while also being, I think, a more elegant way to introduce diversity into the lectionary rather than arbitrarily assigning Proper readings inconsistently to various obscure Saints (which is what they apparently started attempting to do at some point).

This lectionary could easily be used with the 1962 Missal or even 1950, etc. I wish Ecclesia Dei would approve it. If we can insert Novus Ordo readings in the Old Mass (God forbid, but it is apparently allowed)...why couldn't this be a happy medium? Someone should write them and ask.

The vernacular translation used in the English version of the Weekday Lectionary of 1967 isn't very good, however. But I'm sure that, if you had a chart with the verses (as I've made) you could find the passages in any approved Bible.

"I would try to say at least two requiem Masses a week on ferial days."

Well, if it was your private Low Mass you could choose.

The Conventual Mass should stick to the seasons, of course.

Still, a Requiem Mass is no more a Mass than any other. You can offer Votive Masses, ferial Masses, feast Masses, etc...for the Holy Souls too, and they can be just as efficacious (though I understand that specific formularies can excite specific sentiments, subjectively, in the faithful or priest).