Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Any Reason?

Is there any reason Fr Maciel wasn't ever arrested? I mean...the Pope clearly knew at a certain point what he was doing, but it was "prayer and penance" for punishment, not jail.

Was there some sort of statute of limitations problem, perhaps? Surely they could have at least gotten him on embezzlement or something. Is this yet another example of the hierarchy trying to handle it all internally instead of going to the police? And why isn't the media asking this question more, because it's a good one. The smoking gun even: the Maciel thing was clearly known by certain people in the Curia, and something should have been done immediately, and yet it wasn't for years, and when it finally was...he never even had to go to prison or anything...

If the media really wants to ramp up the pressure, this is the case to emphasize, not the ones focusing on technicalities of canonical procedures.

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