Monday, April 19, 2010


So, my grandma's cousin, a Franciscan friar, once got her a first-class relic of St. Jude, to whom she has a special devotion.

Then, she was pickpocketed, except instead of taking her wallet, the person took her rosary case, which had the relic inside.

Well, she was able to get another relic of St. Jude which she's cherished for years now, but she recently lent it to my uncle for a special intention of his.

Now, just the other day I was at her house, and she opened a drawer and heard something fall, and when we looked behind the case, there was a first-class relic of St. Maria Goretti which she never even remembered getting! She's going to look in the same place where she kept the certificate for the St. Jude relic for the papers. It still had its seal and everything, and we put it in a little ostensorium-shaped reliquary she had.

A very unexpected occurrence, especially as it also led us to find a lost photograph behind the drawers of a family member, another cousin of hers, who died unexpectedly last week.

What a serendipitous set of events! Sancta Maria Goretti, ora pro nobis.

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