Friday, April 30, 2010

As April Comes to a Close

Well, what a month! My blog posts increased from 7 in December, to 30, 40, 51, and now 90! Don't expect that every month; the crisis really helped to generate content.

I suppose it has been awhile since the Conspiracy was last heard from. So just briefly: we have now had over 5500 visits, 1600 unique visitors, and 12000 unique page-views. The number of visits each day is increasing very slowly but now is around 70 on a normal day. New visits still count for about a third of all visits, which I think is a good balance, and since that proportion has stayed pretty constant while the total number of visits has increased I think that means that some of the new visitors must be returning. As people start to become "regulars" direct traffic has increased (meaning people just type in the URL) as opposed to referrals, though there are a good number of sites that have linked to us now. People have visited from 50 different countries on every continent, and we have almost 50 people in the facebook group.

Thanks for your support! Always feel free to comment, or email me with questions, comments, or suggestions for posts!

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