Friday, April 2, 2010

From a Reader

This perceptive reflection was emailed to me by a reader:

"My take is this: the adherents of the ancient Mass must immerse themselves into today's world to survive and even prosper. Summorum Pontificum hasn't mended the raw Achilles' Heel of traditional Catholic culture. The ancient rite isn't an imperviable shelter from the (post)modern world and the current illness that gravely threatens the life of the Church. Rather, the Mass, especially the Canon, is the flawless prism that clarifies the distortion of sin in this world. If anything, more Masses should be said, heard, and contemplated upon in times of trouble. Perhaps this is arrogant on my behalf, but sometimes I wonder if people go to hear Latin Mass not because they want to immerse themselves in the meaning of the text but rather to be seen at the Latin Mass and be part of the "ultra-devout" clique. If only they knew what was being said on their behalf. If only they cared."

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