Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What if...

...a certain blogger found a way to very possibly get a letter directly into the hands of the Pope. A letter which, in the context of the situation, he would probably be compelled (for decency's sake) to actually read himself and at least consider carefully. By this weekend. What would you put in such a letter? Suggestions in general?


sortacatholic said...

All I would write is:

1) Implement the US anti-abuse policies worldwide. Be firm on "civil authorities first, penance second".

2) Pope Benedict: hold a press conference to describe the new policies (in English, not Italian). Don't have Bertone or Sodano do it. The changes have to come from your perspective alone.

3) Stop debates over "gays" versus "pedophiles" versus "ephebophiles". The focus should be on strong seminary screening and formation with a holistic psychological emphasis that takes into account sexuality, affective maturity, and psychological order/disorder. The focus should not be on pinning the crisis on one type of sexual orientation or sexual pathology as if a name will provide a satisfactory explanation for a complex phenomenon.

4) Disband the Legion of Christ entirely with a public statement. Start a public probe into the clandestine financial dealings of this order. Provide a roadmap for former Legion priests to integrate into other religious orders or the secular priesthood.

Anonymous said...

Please, your holiness. You are a compassionate and intelligent man. We ask you to please act more decisively towards the idea: This goes for protecting the young and defenseless, to putting your fist down when it comes to penalizing heretics in the Church, to getting rid of communion in the hand, etc.

sortacatholic said...

Well, I think communion in the hand is abusive and even sacrilegious. However, isn't the abuse scandal more important?

What heretics are you referring to?

Jonathan said...

Practical :

A call for the reinstitution of a rabbinic/apprentice based Seminary study (ie a secular institute model). Perhaps having them (seminarians) choose who they study under. I like the idea of hand picked seminarians, but thats not happening.

Seminarians having to function as Deacons.

Putting an age limit on Altar Boys, I'm sorry but if you are past your 20s you are closing off the opportunity for YOUTH to actually be involved. I'm not to crazy about Sachristans as in my opinion they equal Senior Altar Boys usurping the role of Deacons. Frankly I'm all for a simplified hierarchical structure, but thats too much of a headache right now.

Bishops to have a more localized/active authority in matters pertaining to The Faith. While it would be interesting to see Bishops proclaiming Saints for local veneration in this day and age its ripe for abuse. But Bishops being able to call local Synods would be a good thing.

Engage The Faithful in an active dialogue to be open to the idea of married clergymen being reintroduced or at least tolerated in The West.

End Communion on The Hand (I want to say introduce intinction, but lets not get ahead of ourselves here).

A wider usage of other Western Ritual Liturgies that are not The TLM.

Allowing for some vernacularization of the older Liturgies for the reintroductory period.

In good will, The Pope celebrating a TLM.

Invigorating Western Spirituality with Eastern Spirituality.

Dialoguing more with The Orthodox (As much as we hate to admit it, we need them as much as they need us).

Maybe I am getting ahead of myself with this one, but allowing women a LEGITIMATE outlet of service within The Church, ie the reintroduction of Deaconesses for the instruction of Women. There would thus be no need for Altar Girls.

Veiling (I wish people would stop seeing it as a Mantilla thing.)

Allow for other forms of Chant that are not Gregorian to be introduced into The Liturgy.

Regulating Liturgical garb.

Allowing for the ORGANIC development/contextualization of Uses and Rites.

Allow Eastern Churches to have more of a say in their territorial jurisdictions without being stamped with a Latin seal of approval. I mean how much does it suck when the native Liturgy of a given country, lets say Eritrea is constantly put at odds with the Latin jurisdiction.

Reintroduce a LEGITIMATE Sign/Kiss of Peace to the congregation.

Pipe Dreams:

Anathemize Fiddlebacks

De Latinize Eastern Liturgies as a sign of good will with The Orthodox. I'm not saying stripping down things that have been well adapted by The Rite, but those which have been forced upon them.

A call on Priests (Nuns too) to minister to ALL people regardless of their sin. As well as being more active in seeking out lost sheep. So if that means that they need to stand in front of a strip club or on a rather famous corner, so be it. I'm not saying that they should endanger themselves, but some people have this as their calling.

Perhaps having lay groups do what The Jehovah's Witnesses do. Sure we'll all frown at that idea, because it apparently "cheapens" The Faith, but what would you rather have, people receiving The Truth or a distortion.

Chant slowly taking over The Organ (Too many Churches rely on The Organ to act as a filler for a less than stellar choir.).

Pater, O.S.B. said...

I would keep your letter focused on the current crisis of lack of episcopal accountability. Do something about Brady, Law and Weakland. He's done well on getting the predators themselves, now he must show the world that the enablers will not pass with a slap on the wrist. A Lay Board partly composed of victims should be made up to work with the CDF on these issues.

Pater, O.S.B. said...

Oh yeah, and %&#@&* GET RID OF COMMUNION IN THE HAND!!

Michael Dius Fidus said...


Jonathan said...

Just a thought, but isn't the fact that it is such a unique privilege to have word about our little movement a once in a life time opportunity (At least I think it is.) ? Wouldn't it be better to move away from the sex scandal thats been going on since GOD knows when and focus on presenting solutions that will GOD willing work through a trickle down effect and bring about much needed CHANGE (LOL A CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN !). Most of the aims of this network (and those things discussed here within) would actually solve many of the more critical issues The Church is facing, without expressly saying do this for this etc. . The only thing that need be done is do so in a convincing enough manner and set them into place PROPERLY and nourish them with FAITH,HOPE,CHARITY and most importantly PRAYER.